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July 13, 2009

Darwin was watching this one closely...

Omg Jill. idk where i am now. it’s 2 dark 2 C. I thk I fell :(

(Feel free to substitute "texting" for "crackberry-ing", "ipod-ing")

You know those people who bump into you on the sidewalk, or suddenly stop and you walk into them? Those drivers you see crossing over the yellow line, only to swerve back... and you notice them texting?

How important can a conversation be? You're on a cell phone typing to someone. Unless it's a two second "I'll be there in 5", why not CALL THEM? You have a phone in your hand!!

So here's a story about the latest moron to get her 15 minutes of fame. Not only did she do something extraordinarily stupid while engrossed in a text conversation, her parents are suing!! God Bless America!!



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