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June 20, 2009

Why do men buy sex?

First off, I am a man... not someone with a beef against guys who use escorts.
The reason I'm posting here is I've just finished reading a magazine article entitled, "Why Do Men Buy Sex?" in Scientific American Mind, Volume 20, Number 3, 2009. This article discusses a number of possible reasons why men choose to use escorts, and one of the major proposed reasons is that "... these men typically want to use and dominate women".

I've never visited an escort (you can choose to believe this or not), but I find it extremely hard to believe that to be anywhere near the majority. I'd tend to believe it's just the convenience of it. You're horny, the opportunity arises, and hey... why the hell not?

While I know many women are forced into prostitution, many are not... they choose to do it. The money is good, demand is good, and she controls the supply. In the business world, this would be a dream come true.

So, I've set up a poll and I invite you to let me know your opinion. No registration is required, and it's completely anonymous. I don't care if you've every visited and escort before, of you're a woman... or you're an escort. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. If your option isn't available in the poll, respond to the article with the same title and enter a comment with your opinion.

UPDATE: The poll is closed. Here are the final statistics:
Why do men buy sex?
1) Intimacy on demand. 70 (39%)
2) To use and dominate women. 16 (9%)
3) Hidden fetishes/desires. 36 (20%)
4) It's the only way I can get laid. 66 (31%)


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