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June 12, 2009

Sonny + Cher = WTF?

What would you get if you crossed Sonny Bono with Cher?
Sounds like one of those really bad jokes, doesn't it? Well, if you're old enough to remember, or a die hard fan (?!), they were actually permitted to procreate.

She's actually an adorable little girl. World, meet Chastity Bono.

Some 40 years later, times have changed. World, meet Chaz.

From a recent article:
Chastity Bono, gay-rights activist and child of performer Cher and the late entertainer and politician Sonny Bono, is in the early stages of transitioning from a female to a male and will be known as Chaz.
"Chaz, after many years of consideration, has made the courageous decision to honor his true identity..."
"He is proud of his decision and grateful for the support and respect that has already been shown by his loved ones. It is Chaz's hope that his choice to transition will open the hearts and minds of the public regarding this issue, just as his 'coming out' did nearly 20 years ago."

Now, I'm all for gay rights, equality, etc. What someone does in their own bedroom is none of my concern. I have no particular religious opinion on this, and from the few gay individuals I've known personally, they're just regular folk like most of us.

But this...
1) I can't honestly say I'm surprised.
2) Ick.
3) Still not my business to judge. But it is my blog. ;-)


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