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June 20, 2009

Casual Friday's

Having been working in office environments for the bulk of my career, I'm accustomed to a variety of policies regarding what is appropriate office attire. Some have been 'business formal', meaning shirt and tie for men, and suit or skirt for women. Most these days seem to be steering towards 'business casual', which usually means no tie necessary and you can wear slightly less format pants, shirts, skirts, etc. Of course, there's also 'casual'... and many companies accept this on Fridays, allowing staff to wear jeans, t-shirts and other very casual wear.

Now, I can stand ties and wear them only when absolutely necessary, but I do enjoy dressing up a little for work. On weekends I wear the basics - shorts or jeans, and a t-shirt. In my mind, this is never ok for office attire. Other professional will differ naturally, however, one thing should always be kept in mind. When you're at work, you are representing your company. Visitors in your office, or other staff if you go off-site to another locations, will see your attire and they will notice. Which brings me to a recent story I read...

The council of Brooksville, Florida has decided to amend their existing dress code, enforcing employees to wear underwear and deoderant. Distracting, offensive or revealing clothing is also ver boten now, such as Spandex and halter tops, plus skirts "worn below the waistline such that the abdomen or back is exposed.

So... I have two immediate thoughts.

1) Who would consider going to work wearing spandex with no underwear or deodorant? In a private company, you represent your employer. In a government position (such as a city employee), you represent the city AND are paid by the taxpayers of the city, province, state, country.

2) Ewww.

I originally believed that this scenario simply evolved... it was a casual work environment and slowly got abused with no one responsible enough to step in until now. However, further reading has revealed that there is opposition to the new rules. Really??

Oh yes... and who opooses this new dress code? A disgruntaled city worker? No. A slimy, greasy maintenance guy? Nope. A somewhat skanky chick in accounts receivable? Wrong again!

Then who?!

Well, the Mayor of the city of course.
Mayor Joe Bernadini said the dress code is a way to bring more professionalism to the city, but he said the undergarment proviso was "a little far-fetched."
"I think in a way it takes away freedom of choice," Bernadini said.

EDIT: Just found this and HAD to add it..


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